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Commercial Tow Truck Functions

When vehicles get in accidents and are stuck on the road, towing services are normally called in to providing the necessary towing services. It is necessary to clear the roads as soon as possible, as the pile up of cars or equipment on the road greatly hampers movement for other road users. It may also allow for faster cleaning up of the accident scene, and for investigations to proceed. If any of your vehicles is involved, it is important to ensure your property is handled with utmost care and minimal loss.

Different towing trucks are designed to function in their unique way. Each truck differs in functioning. Boom trucks have an adjustable boom winch for situations where the tow truck is not able to reverse safely up to the damaged vehicle. The winch is for pulling it to a safe place for towing.
Hook and chain trucks use chains looped around the axle and a boom winch to pull the car into a position to be towed. They are used mostly when the vehicle to be towed has lost its wheels in an accident and has a strong steel bumper. It is a common occurrence for this type of tow truck to damage the axles o the owed vehicles.

Wheel lift trucks are the evolution of the hook and chain tow trucks. They deploy a yoke to attach to the wheels of the car to be towed, either to the front wheels of front wheel drive cars, or back wheels of the rear drive cars. It does not link to the axles, but to the tires of the car.
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Flatbed trucks have a flat surface on the back, which can be lowered or inclined for the vehicle to be towed to either be rolled or winched onto it, before it is removed from the accident scene.
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There have been developed integrated trucks, or self-loaders, which have characteristics of both the boom and chain, and wheel lift trucks. The towing can be performed while still in the truck, which is a very efficient method.

In the event of an accident, it is normally the responsibility of the law enforcement officers who responded to the call that will in turn call in the towing truck’s company. There are a few local government bodies and other institutions that may have their towing trucks. It is their responsibility to employ trained and qualified staff members to operate these trucks, as well as keeping the same trucks in optimum operating conditions.

As part of their service package commercial towing companies provide, they will aid in the cleanup exercise. Should the damage to the car be minimal, they will give rollover and load shift services, to ensure the vehicle is safe for driving.

04 Sep 2017

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